TCCB Triathlon Challenge

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TCCB Triathlon Challenge

Olympic & Super Sprint Triathlon

Venue : Navrachna International School, Vasna (NISV)
Date: 17th November, 2019 Sunday

Olympic Distance:
Swim: 1500-meter ... 30 lengths of Swimming Pool (70 mins cut-off)
Bike: 40-kilometer ...
Run: 10-kilometer …

Super Sprint Distance:
Swim: 400-meter … 8 lengths of Swimming pool (25 mins cut-off)
Bike: 10-kilometer …
Run: 2.5-kilometer …

Entry Fees: Rs.800/- for Olympic and Rs.600/- for Super Sprint (includes Breakfast, Finisher Medal, Digital timing email after the event).

1. Top 3 Triathletes Men (Olympic Distance)
2. Top 3 Triathletes Women (Olympic Distance)
3. Top 3 Triathletes Men (Super Sprint Distance)
4. Top 3 Triathletes Women (Super Sprint Distance)
5. Finisher's medal for each participant who finishs the triathlon

Reporting time: 5.30 am at the NISV Pool … the bike and the bike gear should be set up by 5.45 am and everyone should be out of the parking area before the Swim starts.

It will be a wave start for 24 participants per batch. Two waves of Olympic distance and two waves of super sprint distance.

You can choose to enter the locker room by the pool and change or continue to your bicycle in your swimming gear. (this is a choice of comfort) … Must wear a T Shirt, Shoes & helmet for the cycling and running event.

Remember - your transition time is included in your total race time.

The cycling and running events are on open roads so participants must be weary of traffic and must obey all road & traffic regulations.

The cycling section will start from the parking area :

The Volunteers will be there at specific control points to guide competitors towards the correct route.

The timing will start from the start point shown above at the swimming pool …. Your swim time will be recorded when you get out of pool…. Thereafter your transition time and then your bike time and then after you leave your cycle back at the parking area your run time starts.

The results will be based on total time … from start at swimming pool till you finish your run.

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