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THE GREAT HIMALAYAN Ultra 444km Solo 2021

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THE GREAT HIMALAYAN Ultra 444km Solo 2021

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THE GREAT HIMALAYAN Ultra 444km Solo 2021

The Great Himalayan Ultra is the World’s highest Ultra cycle race. The 2 day 444km tour starting and finishing in Leh, Ladhak, along with the 600 KM RAAM Qualifier Race is a Self Supported Stage Race with 2 stages of 222 km each from Leh to Kargil and back to be completed in 16 hours each stage. Drop Bags and shared night halt is provided at Kargil by Race Organisers.

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Race Details

Location – Leh
Distance – 444 KM Self Supported Race
Elevation Gain – 8300 Mts
Start Elevation – 3500 Mt above sea level

Detailed Event Schedule

Wed 1st Sept – Last date for Mandatory Reporting for Racers for Acclimatization
Mon 6th Sept – Mandatory Reporting for all Crew for Acclimatization
Fri 10th Sept – Race Inspection
Sat 11th Sept – Race Start
Sun 12th Sept – Race Finish
Race Route

444 KM Route Map –

From Leh to Kargil and back on NH1, the Srinagar highway, the 444 KM Race challenges races on the most scenic and tough part of the route. With an elevation gain of 8300 mts and a highest point of 4100 mts at Fotu La. The terrain is remote and demanding, with very little supplies along the route. Self Supported racers have to be prepared for all contingencies.

About Inspire India 

Ultracycle Races – Setting International standards in India, Creating Legacies!

Inspire India organizes Race Across America (RAAM) Qualifiers in India with a mission is to create challenging International standard cycle races in India. Starting with the Deccan Cliffhanger in Feb 2014, Inspire India has lived up to it’s promise of providing Indian ultracyclists an opportunity to evolve into world class athletes.

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With three International Ultra Races to choose from, Inspire India offers a variety of endurance challenges in India, giving India Ultra Racers an opportunity to prepare for the toughest of the worlds Ultra Races! All three are on the Race Across America Qualifying race calendar and the Ultramarathon Cycling Association International calendar.

World’s Highest Ultracycle Race – The world’s highest Ultracycle Race… With a start point elevation of 3500 Mts in Leh, there are 2 distances to choose from 444 Kms and 600 Kms. -   THE GREAT HIMALAYAN ULTRA

India’s best known Ultracycle Race –  Inspire India’s Signature event, 640 Kms that heads over the Sahyadri mountains to the beach at Goa is in it’s 6th edition. -   THE DECCAN CLIFFHANGER

India’s Longest Ultracycle Race –  A beautiful, tough, 5 day race starting and finishing in Goa, and heading through the spice, coffee and tea plantations of the south of India. With 3 distances to choose from, 600 Km, 1200 km and 1750 km -   The ULTRA SPICE RACE

Terms & Conditions

I/We accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participating in an INSPIRE INDIA organised Ultra Race.
1.    I/We have read and agree to abide by the Race Rules and Regulations.
2.    I/We agree to comply with the traffic and road laws and regulations of India.
3.    I/We fully understand and agree that I/We am/are entering this event entirely at my/our own risk and accept without exception full and complete liability for all and any risks and will not hold responsible nor make claims against Inspire India, any of the participants or organizer, its committee members, agents or servants for any loss, damage or injury however caused in relation to my/our participation in this event.
4.    I/We understand and fully accept the rights of the Race Officials to take decisions based on perceived risk to health and safety and to stop any racer or crew from continuing.
5.    I/We understand that when I/We am/are riding a bicycle, I/We am/are required to wear a helmet at all times during the event.
6.    I/We understand that I/We am/are required to comply with all the safety requirements set out in the Race Rules.
7.    Participation in the Event is subject to Approval from Inspire India Team after Payment of Registration fees. I/We understand that Inspire India reserves the right to refuse or cancel my/our registration, and will refund the registration fees after deductions for Payment Gateway Process.
8.    I/We understand that fees once paid will not be refunded under any other circumstance, including a cancellation of event in the current situation of 2020-2021. (detail terms and conditions below)
9.    I/We agree to sign the waiver form and submit the required information and documents at the time of Pre-Race Registration prior to the Race.
10.    I/We understand that any attempt at cheating (as determined by the race officials) if proven, will result in immediate disqualification.
11.    I/We agree to make the Payment of Registration fees as per the event tickets.
12.    I/We understand that my/our Participation will be cancelled without refund for non completion of Mandatory Pre Race Registration formalities, vehicle inspection or non attendance of pre-race briefing at the appointed time.
13.    I/We understand that Inspire India reserves the right to cancel any category in the event due to low participation. Option to change race category or roll over the fees to another event will be offered to registered participant.
14.    I/We agree to take insurance for all members of the team, racers and crew, as per advice of Inspire India team.
15.    Great Himalayan Registrations will OPEN shortly and close on 15th August 2021
16.    There are NO late fees, however for all registrations done after 1st Aug 2021 – Please bear in mind the Event Jersey in your size may not be available!
Additional Terms And Conditions for Great Himalayan 2021 WRT unusual circumstances of 2020-21
17.    I/We understand that this is a long distance event and currently there are no restrictions to travel to Race Start other than Neg RT PCR test. However if a situation arises, travel restrictions are applied or any other scenario requires the event to be cancelled or postponed, Registration fees will not be refunded, nor transferred to any other participant, but may be rolled over as defined below.
18.    % of Fees (as per pts #3/4/5) will be rolled over to be used to participate in any of Inspire India’s events for upto 2 years, ie up till Great Himalayan 2023 but the difference in fees will have to be paid by participant.
19.    In case the event has to be cancelled more than 6 weeks before the event date, 100% fees will be rolled over as described in pt #18
20.    In case the event has to be cancelled between 3 to 6 weeks before the event date, 75% fees will be rolled over as described in pt #18
21.    In case the event has to be cancelled between event date and 3 weeks before the event date, 50% fees will be rolled over as described in pt #18
22.    In case a participant is unable to travel to the race start, they need to provide a copy of govt issued guidelines or travel restrictions and the same conditions for roll over will apply as in pts #18-21
23.    All participants and their respective crew accept unconditionally, all responsibility for their own health wrt any and all situation!
24.    All participants and their respective crew agree to abide by health norms as directed by the pertinent authorities at all times during the event!
Additional Terms And Conditions for The Great Himalayan Ultra
1.    I/We understand that this is a High Altitude Race and comes with a possibility of increased risk to my health and the health of my crew.
2.    I/We understand that in the event of any health issue related to high altitude that may require evacuation, I/We take full responsibility of expenses incurred.


4-Great Himalayan RAAM Style, RQ solo fees include Event Jersey for racer, Medal, Awards (as applicable), and all race signage for vehicles, Participants Tea gathering (pre-race briefing). Crew Accomodation for Racer + 3 crew at Kargil night halt druing the race (not at start/finish) is included in the Registration fees. Additional Charges will apply for additional crew.

5-Great Himalayan Self Supported fees include Drop Bag as in Rules, shared rooms for Kargil night halt during race only (not at start/finish) in addition to Event Jersey for participant, Medal, Awards (as applicable), Participants Tea gathering (pre-race briefing).

Fees do not include accommodation at start finish or on route (except as noted specifically for race and category). All vehicle, crew expenses, food and beverage expenses are to be managed by Participants.

All fees are in INR

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